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I travel all over the south, so it was important to me to be able to have protection with me at all times. I actually took the class twice (by choice), and both times I was impressed with how informative and on track the classes were. All questions were not only answered, but encouraged. And of course the range was for me the high-point. The range personnel were ready to offer assistance, answer questions and share their expertise. Thank you First Line Defense! - R.Moore - Jackson, TN
Dan thank you for all you did for Missy and myself.Your class was very fun but had important info as well.We will recomend your class to all our friends.
Bobby Ray Parkerson Jr.
Thoroughly enjoyed the class today. The instructors are fantastic!!
Blake Watkins
Fantastic class yesterday! Thank you for the top-notch instruction. I'm sending all of my friends!
Lesley Busi Rickman
I would like to thank you all for this past Saturday's class. It was packed full of information. You guys have a true gift for teaching.
Amanda Pomeroy Casey
I just wanted to say thank you for an outstanding class which was very informative and very entertaining at the same time. I also appreciate the safe environment that was provided. Dec. 1st 2012 - Class was Awesome!!! Thanks again!
Duane Mangalindan
Really great class! Dan, I really appreciate the real world, common sense approach you use. As a more advanced shooter, I was still engaged through the whole class. Also, you were asking about NRA enrollment as I left. I didn't get a chance to let you know I'm already a member (as every firearm owner should be). Looking forward to the advanced classes.
Mitchell Allen
I wanted to thank you all again for the excellent instruction you gave me during my recent class. I received my permit in the mail today and I wanted to say thanks again....the class was great as were the instructors....:)
Phyllis Hopper Olley
Fantastic class! More informative (and entertaining) than I could have ever imagined. In 8 hours, I can say with all honesty that I went from being terrified of guns to feeling completely comfortable with handling a weapon, defending myself, and knowing my legal rights. Thank you Dan, Whitney, and Joey for your expertise, patience, and enthusiasm!!!!! Everyone should take this course, and First Line is the best!
Michelle James

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