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Whitney Owen
Certified Instructor
Whitney Owen - Certified Instructor
Whitney Owen is a Small Animal Control Officer for the City of Jackson, TN, enforcing the Animal Control Ordinances and TN State laws specific to small animals. Due to her amazing knowledge and abilities with dogs of all sizes, interaction with law enforcement on aggressive animal calls has earned her an outstanding professional reputation. She has provided In-Service Training in Canine Intervention to the officers of multiple law enforcement agencies in the area.
Whitney is also President/CEO of Beyond Bars Animal Rescue, a State-certified small animal rescue. Through BBAR, she rescues, rehabs, and re-homes dogs of all sizes and breeds.
Beginning her shooting experiences at age 5, Whitney has developed into a skilled markswoman and a gifted instructor. Patient and knowledgeable, Whitney brings a unique talent to the team, with special insights from a woman’s perspective. Her no-nonsense delivery, coupled with humor and a quick wit, provides an entertaining and educational learning experience.
Technique coaching from Whitney guarantees improved shooting skills.

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